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New York City is the biggest city in the United States. Anyone who lives there knows that its not a fun time riding the subway or trying to catch a cab, not to mention that parking is impossible. Party bus prices in NYC range anywhere from $125 up above $200 per hour. The company we recommend in New York City for Party Bus Service is NYC Party Bus.

As one of the most powerful influences on global commerce, art, fashion, education, entertainment, finance, and media in the world, New York City is full of the best and the brightest minds. Getting around in such a tightly packed city can be a challenge, but you won't have to think about it if you get in touch with NYC Party Bus. The chauffeurs will pick you up and take you and your friends out on the town in style, whether you want to visit Ellis Island, catch the latest Broadway musical, shop on 5th Avenue, or make the trip to Brooklyn. NYC Party Bus is the premiere party bus authority in the area, and with their fair pricing you'll get the best service for your money.

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