How to pick a party bus

People want to rent charter vehicles for a variety of reasons. A reason someone may elect to rent a limo would be an innate need for pampering. Hiring a chauffeur for a night out on the town is a great way to pamper yourself or that special someone. You may elect to contract a company for the safe transportation of your guests for a special event like a wedding or funeral. What ever the event you choose to employ a chauffeur, there are a variety of questions you should be asking yourself prior to shopping around for a vehicle. How many people do I intend on transporting? How long do I plan on contracting the vehicle? What amenities do I require to insure the event is both comfortable as well as convenient? Asking yourself the latter questions will insure you have answers to questions that a limo company may ask you.

The size of a vehicle is very important to the comfort of you and your guests. An excellent vehicle that will allow for the most room as well as the best total value for the amount of passengers transported is known widely as a limo bus or a party bus. The party bus is a very versatile vehicle. Party bus’s come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, as well as seat configurations. One of the most popular buses is retired air port transfer buses, which are retired about half of there useful life has been depreciated. Limo company’s will then purchase these at auction and redo the inside making them comfortable, mechanically sound and up to current state safety standards.

Questions you should be asking the company’s that you are considering contracting are as follows. How do you screen your drivers? What level of license do your drivers possess? Do you carry a liability insurance policy? Will the bus that I look at be the bus that I am going to actually receive on the night of the event? Does the company charge for additional stops? Does the company require an itinerary before the actual even? Are the drivers equipped with GPS? How is the bus equipped? Do the passengers have direct control over there own radio? What are the stipulations in the contract about cleaning, smoking, excessive messes? Do you require a deposit to rent the vehicle? How much of a deposit do you require to rent the vehicle? What is the maximum clearance of the vehicle that you are renting? This is a very important question to ask, since the venue you are going to be attending may have overhangs at the entrances. If you rent a vehicle that is too tall to clear the roof of the drop off location, you will find yourself being dropped off in a location that is much less desirable then envisioned.

Answering the latter questions will prepare you well to rent your first party bus. I am not surprised that you are thinking party bus for you rental. Renting a party bus is an excellent choice in any situation. They are large, comfortable, and provide you the best bang for you buck. Many people find that they have a much better time on a party bus then in a standard limo.

One can stand on a Partybus, dance on a party bus, and move freely on a party bus as opposed to a limo. Movement is free and unhindered with all the added space of a deluxe party bus motor coach. Not to mention, there are usually much more room for additional amenities on a party bus. One may find that a party bus will have built in coolers and cup holders. As well as additional space for other niceties like TV’s and games systems! A party bus will allow for additional passengers which will offset the evening’s costs dramatically. Most party buses are perfect for large wedding parties. Experienced people find that renting a nice bright white party bus looks dramatic as well as offers plenty of room for the large garments that a bride may be boasting on her big day. Some party bus companies will allow for time for the event planners to decorate the vehicle with paint safe decorations or magnets.

On the day or evening of your big event make sure to pack additional music and beverages that you will be consuming during your voyage, the party bus will have the space to spare. Simple things will make the night go smoothly. A sample list of thinks that may make your evening easier and fun: garbage bags, cups, paper plates, plastic silver wear, plastic Champaign glasses, streamers, balloons, party favors, CDs, DVDs, funny straws, cooler, ICE for making drinks, Ice for the coolers, snifter, paper towel. The garbage bags will be an excellent place to put empties as well as somewhere to place unwanted clean up waste. Most companies will provide a stereo system that has the capability to interface with MP3 players or play mp3 CDs. Make sure to plan your music play list before hand most companies won’t provide music and pay attention to there marketing material for each vehicle, some vehicles won’t have things like an FM radio that one would just assume would be there. The lesson is to make sure to ask as many details about the bus you are renting as possible to insure the best possible fit for you event. Most companies will be very forthcoming to answer your questions. If you find a company acting standoffish or not willing to show you a vehicle before you rent it, that should throw up a red flag and you should move on to the next company! Make sure to clarify with the company representative you will be receiving the bus that you’re looking at. Some shady companies will not rent you the same bus that you looked at. So on the day of your event you could be riding a completely different party bus!

There are many different cities that have party buses. The biggest market would be Los Angeles Party Bus. The next one, Party Bus Chicago is very large and there are plenty of companies to choose from. You can also get a top of the line Detroit Party Bus if you're in metro Detroit.

In conclusion, answering some simple questions for yourself before shopping for your charter vehicle will greatly improve the outcome of your evening.

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